• Me: I should throw this out
  • Me: but it would look good in a found object sculpture
  • Me: [throws object in the pile of other objects not yet making a found object sculpture]
  • Me: [repeats process with every piece of crap I come across in my house]

harlotofthedesert replied to your post: Aww man my first project is to create a self… please to post pictures of this project when it’s done if possible? it sounds like it’s gonna end up being super cool and heavy and i am all about that kind of art.

For sure! I’m real excited for this now after a week of not knowing what I would do. I’m excited other people are excited too ^__^


alvangs asked:

dang $7 for a lipstick is a great deal!! i didn't even know sephora had a discount/sale section lol. i have a lipstick from kat von d's other line and it's amazing. her lipsticks are so smooth!


I didn’t know either! I thought they only had online sales but there’s a rack right before the checkout area with all the little stuff and it’s everything that’s from older lines or leftovers and stuff. At least that’s what’s at mine, idk how it is at other stores. But yeah her lipstick is super pigmented and smooth and my lips are gross sometimes but this feels like creamy and just wonderful. God bless sephora.

Aww man my first project is to create a self portrait using found objects and I just cleaned out my makeup and goddamn this is going to turn into a project about self esteem isn’t it

alvangs replied to your post: The problem with buying good quality makeup is… what lipstick did you buy?

I got Kat Von D’s painted love lipstick in underage red. It was on sale for $7 and it feels pretty perfect.


ok but why does the winter soldier’s metal arm have such big muscles?? i get that it matches his other arm now but can you imagine bucky as an old man with a skinny flesh arm and then BOOM his metal arm still has these big guns that can lift a car and it has a faded vintage tattoo on it and don’t mess with him because he’S GONNA FUCK UP THOSE KIDS WHO ARE ON HIS LAWN GET OFF YOU FUCKING PUNKS I WAS AN ASSASSIN DON’T TOUCH MY PETUNIAS 

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The problem with buying good quality makeup is that now I can’t go back. I’m going to be broke, I’m just going to look damn good doing it.

Apparently I’ve turned into a day drinker. Yay adulthood.