hexenschwester asked:

You playing?! Anthea, Anderson, hopscotch!


Anthea stood in the corner staring at her phone as usual. She completely forgot what she was doing as the blurred figure in the distance hopped around with small grunts of effort.
“God, of all the things he could ask me to do, babysitting was the last thing I wanted,” she mumbled to herself.
The figure kept hopping with his annoying grunts and the noises finally got to her.
“Dammit Anderson! It’s hopscotch! Even an idiot like you should understand how to play!”
Anderson looked at her with big eyes. He sulked off into the corner, not looking in her direction. A small “sorry” escaped his lips.
Feeling like she could have handled that a bit better, Anthea put her phone down for once and picked up the rock. “Here, like this,” she instructed and tossed the small rock in front of her.